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Hotelbreak is a Spanish start up that in record time has become the largest marketplace of day plans in hotels in Spain. The company has achieved international recognition for the originality of its idea, as well as rapid growth that positions it as one of the most interesting projects of the moment.
The platform is a new way of understanding leisure, taking advantage of all the opportunities offered by hotels outside the rooms and making available to both the inhabitants of the area and tourists, the possibility of living experiences in hotels 4 and 5 Stars without having to stay at them and at an affordable price.
On the other hand, hotelbreak is an additional source of financing for hotels, which they see as underutilized facilities become profitable thanks to the possibilities offered to users of this platform.
This innovative idea, born at the moment with coverage over the national territory, but, in view of the excellent results, its rapid growth and international recognition; It has among its plans a rapid expansion of the idea to become a project with international exposure.
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