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No plan on your day off? Daycations!

You've got a day off and wonder what you could do in your own town? You like hotels and even more the quality of service they offer? You want to book a thermal circuit in a spa, a breakfast or a day pass in one of the best hotels in town?

Here enters hotelbreak!

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Why is hotelbreak different?

We're different because we care. We work to find the hotels with the best hidden/under-rated swimming pools, the most relaxing spas and the restaurants that offer the most savory gastronomy.

A unique concept: daycations

We only work to find the best daycations for you. No rooms by hours or for day use nor week-end getaways.

Immediate confirmation

We too hate the voucher that can never be redeemed and the gift boxes that get forgotten in the library.

Always there for you

Book at all hours of the day with an always up-to-date availability. We'll take care of our needs any day of the week.

hotelbreak's mission

Hotels always have tried to differentiate from their competitors by offering more services and better amenities for their sleeping guests.

At hotelbreak, we think that hotels are not private clubs only accessible for those who pay for a room, or at least, that shouldn't be the case.

The time has come to democratize the idea that locals can too enjoy the wonderful spas, the swimming pools and the restaurants of the hotels close to home, but moreover, to start enjoying days off as if they were vacations: daycations.
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Make your dream come true

With hotelbreak it's now possible to find the best breakfast with a thermal circuit right in Madrid's Main Square (plaza Mayor), to enjoy a sea-front cabana in a luxury hotel in Ibiza or to swim in the swimming pool of a Canary Island's resort.

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Gone are the days of the never usable vouchers

Once you've found your perfect plan, you only need to book it on the website. No need to call the hotel or send an email to check if there the selected is available: it is. Yes, we love it too!

The best part? You'll only pay a fraction of the price when booking to guarantee your spot and the remaining amount will be paid on arrival at the hotel. You can cancel up to the day before.

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Jealousy-generating moments

Imagine being the center of attention of your friends and family, and all of them asking why you didn't tell them you were going on holidays. Where is this? Why didn't you bring me with you?

It'll only be the beginning, now you've uncovered the potential of fun and relax hidden in your neighboring hotels and how easy it is to book a daycation. Your days off will never be the same.

hotelbreak's story

Maxime and Cristian, the two cofounders of hotelbreak have always loved hotels, the hospitality sector, what it offers and represents. Incredible service, almost immediate disconnection from the daily life and this feeling of: “Ahhh finally, some time off”.
With both of them working for a hotel chain, they realised that many hotels were trying very hard to offer more and to better cater to the needs of their sleeping guests without ever thinking of their neighbors, their city's locals.
“Hold on one sec' and imagine to enable locals like us to enjoy hotels during the day without having to book a room!”
From that point on, they decide to dedicate all of their efforts to find the best experiences in the best hotels for hotelbreakers (and for themselves too 😉)

What are you waiting for to try it out?